About SabkaHost

SabkaHost.com is a new name in the hosting provider's world. We are ordinary people with a vision to make hosting affordable and thus make it available to the masses.

We've very high ambitions and we know that to achieve them we do not have any other option but to be honest with our customers. We started with giving you realistic package options. This makes sure that whatever we're offering you, is exactly what you'll get. This is our promise to you, we will never ever oversell.

Why SabkaHost?

We plan to build a house and stay in it! - SabkaHost has long term goal to become a respected hosting provider in the world. We know that we can't be the one within two or three years. So, we've come prepared to stay in the field. This means that if you buy a plan with SabkaHost or register a domain with us, you can rest assured that your investment is safe. year after year.

We plan to share the house with you! - SabkaHost is commited to make quality webhosting affordable to the masses. If you see the packages we provide, you would notice that we've different plans to cater hobbyists, bloggers, students, small size companies as well as websites which fall in the rare 2%, which are responsible for 90% of world's traffic in the world.

We're honest and plan to remain so! - Yes, we're honest. We still believe that 'Honesty is indeed the best policy'. You would see this concept reflected in our packages, descriptions, support details, and everything else.

Our Mission

SabkaHost is commited to provide quality webhosting at an affordable price.